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What does the pot size mean?

Posted by Piers Lavan on

We wanted to write this post first, while we were setting up our web shop, but the whole 'plastic' thing had to be addressed before this explanation. If you missed it click here.

The pot size is included in most items and it is really important. Plant roots on a plant are roughly the same size as the visible plant so (usually) the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. 

Lots of online plant sellers show you a lovely picture and say its in a 9cm pot and £6.99 In most garden centres sell 9cm pot plants for about £2 or £3. 

Also the difference between a 9cm and an 11cm pot is must more that you might think. 11cm is the diameter at the top so an 11cm pot has about twice the volume of compost as a 9cm.

So, in general, the bigger the pot the better the plant. Below is a table of pot sizes and the volume of compost they contain.


Pot size (diameter at top) Actual volume (Litres)
9cm 0.27
10.5cm 0.43
11cm 0.5
13cm 1
15cm 1.35
17cm 2
19cm 3
23cm 5


 And volume of compost is important because it means more water holdings so bigger roots, less chance of drought stress and high capacity to hold "food" which will be the next Blog... but you can't wait!